No I Can Do It Myself

Lisa has managed to lose 24 pounds during the pandemic quarantine. Pat’s mom used to tell him “eat the fat…. it’s good for you!” Pat and Lisa talk about the books they are currently reading. Also we are so bored, zippers are interesting now.



Songs in this episode:

  • Theme from “Leave it to Beaver”
  • Excerpt featuring “Eddie Haskell”
  • Excerpt from “Seinfeld’
  • Excerpt from “Hate” routine Stiller and Meara
  • “My Boy Lollipo[p” Millie Small
  • “You Turn Me On” Ian Whitcomb (1966)
  • Phyllis George tribute—CBS News
  • “Clean Up Woman” Betty WRight
  • “No Pain, No Gain” Betty Wright
  • “Fat” Weird Al Yankovic
  • Oprah “Weight Watcher’s” commericial
  • “Weight Watcher’s” spoof
  • USA Consumer Group PSA
  • “Ain’t No Sunshine” Bill Withers
  • The “Godfather” Theme
  • “One” Three Dog Night


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