It’s Belabor Day

Long gone are the Labor Day telethons, but we’re still fans of Jerry Lewis. Even if he is kind of a dick.  Find out which commercial makes Pat nuts, and Pat shares the medical miracle of hand transplants. Also, Pat talks about his button mushroom.

Telethon Reunion

“Let’s drink and raise money, shall we?”

Songs in this episode:

“Dance Rustique” (W.H. Squire) The Bottom Line Duo
“Come Rain or Come Shine” Jerry Lewis
Excerpt from MDA telethon 1976
Excerpt from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson with guest Charles Grodin
Excerpt Jerry Lewis interview from You Tube
Jerry Lewis as Buddy Love from “The Nutty Professor”
“Standing on the Corner” Dean Martin
“You’ll Never Walk Alone” Jerry Lewis from MDA telethon
“Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody” Jerry Lewis
“The Living Years” Mike and the Mechanics
Excerpt from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
“Black and Decker Alligator Loper” on-line ad
“I’ve Got a Thing About Trains” Johnny Cash
“Hero” Family of the Year–Boyhood
“Coming Up” Paul McCartney


Sex Sells

Lisa considers a new career, Pat thinks Tom Cruise had it comin’, and Daisy humps Elliott – again.


I sell sex and I’m RICH!

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Cutting your hair can make you cry. So can forgetting your makeup bag on a trip. Also, Pat buys crappy art  from someone who comes to his house. And Lisa hides in backyard.

Pat’s Crappy Art

The Day Daisy Farted

Frank talk about funerals and cell phone etiquette.  Which leads naturally, to Girl Scout cookies.

Pics and stuff

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