This Snow Can Stuff It

Pat is furious about the weather. FURIOUS. Lisa thinks everyone should take a driver’s test once a year. Pat recalls an April Fool’s joke he participated in that made the national news. Lisa keeps interrupting Pat’s joke of the day. Songs in this episode: “Whiter Shade of Pale” Procol Harum …

It’s Magic You Dummy

Pat and Lisa try to figure out ventriloquism and magic. Trump declares his love for Lisa, sort of. Pat and Lisa remember the wonderful actor Robert Forster. Also, what are your favorite black and white movies? Phrases that make Pat crazy, and Rolling Stone’s list of the all time best …

It’s Belabor Day

Long gone are the Labor Day telethons, but we’re still fans of Jerry Lewis. Even if he is kind of a dick.  Find out which commercial makes Pat nuts, and Pat shares the medical miracle of hand transplants. Also, Pat talks about his button mushroom. “Let’s drink and raise money, …

Sex Sells

Lisa considers a new career, Pat thinks Tom Cruise had it comin’, and Daisy humps Elliott – again.  

The Day Daisy Farted

Frank talk about funerals and cell phone etiquette.  Which leads naturally, to Girl Scout cookies. Pics and stuff: Define: cogitating Define: horripilate

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