Peculiar Classics

Having been protected by the Peculiar Podcast Archives Vault for many years, some of Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster‘s past recordings are being skillfully removed from the vault and are being made available to the general public.

The archivist is pretty old and slow, so keep checking back to see what’s been added – and be sure to share the ones you like with your friends, or we’ll have to fire that old, slow guy in the photo.

Currently available Peculiar Classics:

  • Final Radio Broadcast
    Pat says goodbye and Lisa dances one last time on the radio in this last segment of The Pat Cashman Morning Show, originally aired September 6, 2002.
  • Celebrity Stripping
    Radio programming consultant Brad Liggens suggests to Pat that they have celebrities strip on the air to boost ratings – Pat’s against it, and Lisa likes it. Originally aired August 2001.
  • Ratings Are So Over-rated
    It’s Pat’s one year anniversary at the radio station, and he gets a bit bent out of shape over the radio station’s ratings rewards.
  • Pat and Lisa Sound FX
    Pat and Lisa argue over whether men do better sounds effects, and if women even care.
  • Joel McHale as Maxmillion Part 2
    Part 2 of this Peculiar Classic – Joel McHale as Maxmillion, the fortune-cookie-eating psychic on The Pat Cashman Morning Radio Show.  Originally aired June 2002.
  • Joel McHale as Maxmillion Part 1
    A Peculiar Classic: Joel McHale drops in on the Pat Cashman Morning Radio Show to reprise his role as “Maxmillion”, the fortune-cookie-eating psychic. Originally aired June 2002.  
  • Lisa Hate Mail
    A listener writes into the radio show to complain about Lisa…
  • Bob’s diary
    Bob Nelson stops by and shares some entries from his diary.
  • Fart bomb
    Testing a ‘fart bomb’ in the studio…
  • Live Recording of RoT Incident at the Interbay QFC
    Steve Wilson visits the Interbay QFC to fulfill an RoT incident…
  • Bowling promo
    Lisa tries to do a promo while Pat is in pain.
  • The CLEAN bear joke
    Pat tells a very cleaned-up version of a filthy joke.
  • The Garlic Vacuum
    A vacuum commercial gone wrong.