Hello Muddah Hello Faddah

Pat and Lisa ARE BACK! Thanks to our 14 listeners for your patience. Pat recently got a residual check from his stint on “Bill Nye The Science Guy”. And even though Pat and Lisa sometimes feel like the silliness they display on the podcast is inconsequential, there is a special …

Breaking Birthdays

Pat opens his birthday presents – late – and that leads to a discussion about Breaking Bad (no spoilers).  Although, Lisa DID put a spoiler on Facebook and Pat called her out on it.  Plus, find out why Lisa is mad at the IRS. And Pat is DONE with Dancing …

The Not So Human Centipede

Pat and Lisa discuss crack houses next door, alligators who want to eat your face off and the best of the worst horror movies. And listen to the drama unfold as this episode gets interrupted by a suicidal hummingbird.  

Green and Clean

Time to drive out the snakes with a beer-slingin-wench.  We make her clean out the garage while she’s at it… Pics and stuff:

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