I’m Gonna Kick Your Mouth Off

Lisa does not have that “music” gene – at all. Pat did, but lost it. There are some jobs that we are grateful we do not have to do. And sometimes it’s weird to let strangers use your bathroom. Old TV westerns are really violent.

“Thanks for sharing your candy bar…”


Songs in this episode:

  • “Sauvecito” Malo (1972)
  • “Who’s Been Talkin’?” Lucky Peterson
  • “Our Future” Lucky Peterson (5 years old)
  • “Yer Blues” Lucky Peterson
  • “Back Up” The Siege
  • “Grand Canyon Suite:Sunrise (George Gershwin) Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra
  • “Pump It Up!” Elvis Costello
  • “Tchaikovsky’ Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor” Liberace
  • “Superman” TV theme
  • Excerpt from 50’s TV show “Superman”
  • Excerpt from “The Three Stooges”
  • “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” TV theme
  • Excerpt from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”
  • “History of the United States” Bob and Ray
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