Get Your Affairs In Order

We’re all gonna die; is it better to know exactly when? Pat is already working on Lisa’s eulogy. Lisa is on a new medication that is really interfering with her life. Do you know what duvetyne is?




Songs in this episode:

“Do Wop Medley” The Persuasions (1971)
“Last Kiss” Pearl Jam
“Going Down” Freddie King
“Good Vibrations” The Beach Boys
“The Farmer in the Dell” traditional
“I’m Sorry” Brenda Lee
“Something in the Air” Thunderclap Newman
“I’m a Man” Chicago
“Coming Up” Paul McCartney
“Lasagna” Weird Al Yankovic
“Losing My Religion” R.E.M.
“Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” Henry Hall, sung by Les Allen (1933)
“Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wold” L.L. Cool J.

Nature Always Wins

Pat and Lisa dive into the gay Boy Scout’s pool; Pat shares a sad story about a porcupine.  And Lisa is worried she has scarred a young boy for life.  Also, are we taking environmental awareness a wee bit too seriously?


I MIGHT be gay!

I MIGHT be gay!



The Best of Western Washington We Ain’t

Pat and Lisa discuss how you get to be the BEST; why showing your hiney is funny, illegal ways to dispose of your loved ones, and yes, another Red Sovine song gets a spin. Sigh.

The Humdinger Games

Pat and Lisa flex their muscles and their mouths, mess with the Hunger Games, fill up on butterhorns, get rid of unwanted hair, and  they don’t even break a sweat doin’ it.

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Green and Clean

Time to drive out the snakes with a beer-slingin-wench.  We make her clean out the garage while she’s at it…

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Extreme Weather

Pat and Lisa talk about Seattle’s extreme weather, extreme reporting and extreme videos. Learn more about the “Reign of Terror”, trusses, and stuff you had no idea you would be interested in!

Pics and stuff

Watch King 5’s Meg Coyle get verbally abused:


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