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These Is Tough Times Baby

Pat and Lisa talk about working from home – and a reminder that it feels good to laugh, it just does, even if it’s just a little. And Lisa is glad that handshakes are no longer a thing. And what industries are doing well right now during the pandemic? And dogs are showing up everywhere in TV commercials.

Songs in this episode:

“The Great Divide” Eric Taylor Excerpt from “Biography” on William Faulkner”Two Fires” Nanci Griffith with Eric Taylor Excerpt from vintage TV commercial—Joyce Gordon ATT disconnection recording notice—Joyce Gordon”The Girl with the Horned-Rim Glasses” Carol Shelynne (1965)Pie Fight scene from “The Three Stooges” “Shake a Hand” Faye Adams (1953)”Whatever” Jill Scott “Here Come da Judge” Pigmeat Markham (1968)”The Toilet Paper Song” Dennis Gurley”The Puppy Song” Harry Nilsson”Chewy Chewy” The Ohio Express”Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles”Forever in Blue Jeans” Neil Diamond Soundtrack music from the motion picture “Burn!” (1969)”Let the Sunshine in” The Fifth Dimension

Wash Your Cough and Cover Your Hands

Pat and Lisa talk about the impact of COVID19 – and the news changes minute by minute. Help your neighbors if you can! And price gouging during a crisis is a given – it’s WRONG but it’s a given. Why the run on toilet paper? Did you ever steal stuff from work?

Songs in this episode:

My Favorite Things” McCoy Tyner”Occam’s Razon” Frank Zappa”Next Door Neighbor” Gary Clark, Jr.Excerpt from CBS News”Dramatic Irony” The Say Hi Band”Spaceman” Harry Nilsson”Ode to the Little Old Shack Out Back” (1965) Billy Edd Wheeler”Slow Hand” The Pointer Sisters”Oklahoma” Gordon MacRaeTheme from “Mr. Ed””I Can See Clearly Now’ Johnny Nash”Sadness and Sorrow” Naruto”The Coldest Days of My Life” The Chi-Lites”Boogie Shoes” KC and the Sunshine Band”Boogie Shoes” Glee Cast Version

Walk THIS Way

“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” Otis Redding (1968)”Monster Mash” Bobby “Boris” Pickett”Abracadabra” The Steve Miller Band”Leader of the Pack” The Shangri-Las (1965)”Mule Train” Frankie Laine (1949)”The End” The Doors (1967)”Laughing” The Guess Who (1969)”Jungleland” Clarence Clemons solo sax”The Weight” The BandExcerpt from ‘Weight Watchers’ commercial”Baby, Ima Want You” Bread “Just the Way You Are” Billy Joel”Up, Up and Away” The Fifth DimensionExcerpt from Netflix series “The Crown””Sitting on the Dock of the Baby” Sara Bareilles

You Need To Be Helped

Pat and Lisa chat about awards ceremonies. And, read any good biographies lately? The #MeToo movement was sadly a whole different ball game in old Hollywood. Also, have you ever spent money on a psychic?

Songs in this episode:

“Kookie, Kookie” (Lend Me Your Comb) Edd “Kookie” Byrnes (1959) Excerpt ‘David Niven at the Oscars’ (1974)Excerpt from the motion picture “The Exorcist” (1973) Excerpt from the “Golden Globes” (2020) Ricky Gervais emceeingExcerpt from the motion picture “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (1963)Excerpt from the motion picture “The Way West” (1967)1963 Borden’s Buttermilk commercialExcerpt from the “Golden Globes” (2000) Elizabeth Taylor (a bit drunk)Excerpt from the TV show “Get Smart”Excerpt from the motion picture “The Graduate” (1967)’Wimpy with Bluto’ from Popeye cartoon (1933)”Cheeseburger in Paradise” Jimmy Buffet”Taco Grande” Weird Al Yankovic”Farmers Only dot Com” commercial (2017)”California Psychics” commercial (2018)Excerpt “Smart Shopping Network” (‘Miracle Shim’—parody) AARP Washington”Plexaderm” commercial (2019)Excerpt from “Wonderful Discoveries”–‘Almost Live!’ KING TV, Seattle”I Feel Pretty” Julie Andrews”I Feel Pretty” Little Richard

It’s That Time of Year

Instead of holiday decorating, Lisa is compelled to organize her house. Be careful – this is perfect time of year for fraud. Pat and Lisa talk about the “Peloton Wife” ad controversy.

Where’d I leave my keys?!?

Songs in this episode:

“Downtown” Petula Clark (1965) “Downtown” Mrs. Miller (1966) “Clean Up Woman” Betty Wright (1971) “Hooked on Junk” K.D. Lang “Time to Move On” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Thank You (Fallenttinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” Sly and the Family Stone “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window” Patti Page Excerpt “Peloton Bike” commercial (2019) “The Gift That Gives Back “Excerpt “Aviation Gin” commercial 92019) “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” Excerpt “Domino’s Pizza” commercial “That’s Amore” Dean Martin SFX World’s Noisiest Bird (from You Tube) The White Bellbird “Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” Barry White

Sinks, Showers and Other Elements

Pat and Lisa talk about the challenges of traveling (and the occasional pleasures). Is there a limit to the sort of “comfort animal” you can bring on a plane. And remember those delightful “Hungry Man” tv dinners? You can still get them. Yum!

This is gonna clog the drain.

Songs in this episode:

“Cool Water” Son of the Pioneers “Tin Man” America “I’m So Tired” The Beatles “One Small Voice” Carole King Excerpt 1950’s commercial “Kem-Tone Paints” “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-dot Bikini” Brian Hyland Excerpt from “Almost Live!” (Speaking Dynamics Institute) courtesy KING TV, Seattle “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Luke Evans”Hot Nuts (Get ‘Em from the Peanut Man)” Georgia WhiteOpening theme from “Lassie” TV series (1950’s) “Delicious” Jim Backus and Friend (1959) Cyclone music from “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) “The Vodka Song” Valur Gunnarsson and Gimaldi +Megas” “Highly Suspicious” My Morning Jacket ” End of the Line” Traveling Wilburys”Hungry Man Dinners” TV commercial (with LA Dodgers’ Steve Garvey and Tommy Lasorda) 1978″Masterpiece Theatre” theme (PBS) “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” Blood, Sweat and Tears “You’ve Got a Problem” Ray Charles “Sh-Boom” The Chords (1954)”Pleasure, Little Treasure” Depeche Mode “Tuesday Afternoon” Moody Blues (1970)
“Hot Nuts (Get ‘Em From the Stoop Down Man) Chuck Willis