We’re Mad, Cracked and Sick

What…US worry? Yep – Mad Magazine is wrapping it up after nearly 70 years. Pat uncovers even MORE movie cliches. Lisa thinks that anywhere there are boys, you are going to find noise. And turns out horse racing is not such a good thing for the horses. “We’re sorry horsies…. …

The Snakes Are Comin’

Is the “summer blockbuster” a thing of the past? Pat and Lisa talk about legalized pot and find out how Lisa got in trouble for saying the word “bong”. Also, Pat warns Lisa that “the snakes are comin’!”     Songs in this episode: “Express” B.T. Express “Jurassic Park” theme …

The 4th of July In Your Eye

Time to blow off your fingers!  Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster whip out their sparklers and weiners to celebrate their independence. Also, listen to the worst website names on the interweb, and find out if munchkin suicides are real.  

Green and Clean

Time to drive out the snakes with a beer-slingin-wench.  We make her clean out the garage while she’s at it… Pics and stuff:

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