The Pat Cashman Classic

Spider season is here. Pat has a golf tourney names after him. And his wife Patty sucks at being a caddy. The Cashman’s go boating with some rich friends. And you have no idea how important concrete is. Lisa gets an odd question at the bank.


“Golf is so relaxing.”



Songs in this episode:

  • ”Spider in my Room” Barenaked Ladies
  • “Trogolodyte” (Caveman) The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1972)
  • “King of the Road” Roger Miller
  • “Tee it Up” Billy Mac
  • “I Talk to the Trees” Danny Williams
  • “You Suck” The Murmurs
  • “Sailing” Christopher Cross
  • “Come Sail Away” Styx
  • Excerpt from “Black Flag” commercial (1981)
  • “Sail Away” David Gray
  • “Jets Song” from “West Side Story”
  • “Kick in the Head” Dean Martin
  • “Cement Mixer” (Pu-ti, Pu-ti) Mel Torme
  • Excerpt from “Grand Coulee Dam” PBS America
  • “Grand Coulee Dam” (written by Woody Guthrie) Lonnie Donegan
  • “Step on a Crack” a Cyanide Happiness short)
  • “Mr. Roboto” Styx
  • “Rocky Mountain High” John Denver
  • “Imagine” John Lennon
  • “A Taste of Honey” The Beatles
  • “Roll on Columbia” Woody Guthrie

Smoky and The Honey Bucket

Football season is here. Are you going to watch? Burt Reynolds has died, and Pat and Lisa talk about their favorite Burt roles. Lisa goes on a spider murder spree. If fish could scream, would you stop fishing?


Songs in this episode:

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” Dean Martin
“Fire” The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
“What’s Goin’ On?” Marvin Gaye
Excerpt from “Smokey and the Bandit”
Excerpt from “Boogie Nights”
Excerpt from TV show “Gunsmoke”
Excerpt from “The Tonight Show”
Excerpt from “The Way West”
“Brother Can You Spare a Dime?” Al Jolson
“Steam Roller” James Taylor
“Honey” Bobby Goldsboro
“Going Down Slow” Eric Burdon and the Animals
“My Sister” Reba McEntire
“Gone Fishin'” Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong
“All I Want for Christmas (is my Two Front Teeth)” Spike Jones and his City Slickers (1948)


To Bee or Not To Bee

Pat and Lisa thank the podcast supporters in the most ridiculous way. Lisa doesn’t hate ALL nature, but SOME nature hates her and wants to eat her face off.

Do you like my costume?“Do you like my bee costume?”

Songs in this episode:

“All Day Music” War
“Air on the G String” Bach
“Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin) Sly and the Family Stone
“Lumberjack Song” Monty Python
“Flight of the Bumble Bee” Rimsky-Korsakov
“Hornet’s Nest” Joe Louis Walker
“She’s Gone” Hall and Oates

Look Straight Ahead

Pat criticizes Lisa’s driving habits…. is there really a difference in the way men drive vs women? Pat decides to avoid turning into a hoarder, and find out how Lisa smuggled stolen candy out of a store. And Pat’s neighbor interrupts the podcast. Again.

Sorry.  I didn't see you.  I was looking straight ahead.

Sorry. I didn’t see you. I was looking straight ahead.


Songs in this episode:

“Green Onions” Booker T and the M.G.’s
“Desperado” Eagles”
“Candy” Big Maybelle
“Swimming” Florence and the Machine

Don’t Be Afraid of the Podcast!

What are you afraid of, ya ninny?  In this episode, Pat and Lisa not only face their fears, they face Lisa’s feet. Talk about a phobia! Oh, and they actually have a special guest sitting in witnessing the mayhem.

Time for new underwear.....