Walk Your Own Walk

Pat and Lisa are back from a merry Seattle Radio Theater performance. Also, they refuse to bow to “the man” by using store branding terms. Lisa has trust issues brought on by the Miss Universe debacle. Pat stifles his sneezes and Lisa lets her “blast on out”.


      “I’d like an order of  grande mexi-tots, please.”

Songs in this episode:

“Time is Tight” Booker T and the MG’s
Excerpt from “Gardening with Ciscoe” Courtesy KING TV
“I’m Walkin'” Fats Domino
Excerpt “Miss Universe 2105” broadcast
Prelude “The Day the Earth Stood Still” soundtrack
“The Spelling Mistakes Song” from Kids TV
The streaking moment from The Oscars; David Niven presenting
“Schadenfreude” Avene Q (“Broadway musical 20003 Tony Award winner)
“Taxi” Harry Chapin
“I Am the Walrus” The Beatles
“The Sharing Song” Jack Johnson
“Cool” Lou Busch and His Orchestra

Holiday Cheer at Walmart

Pat and Lisa wish you a Merry Christmas! Lisa wanted to do a “nice” Christmas show, but it just didn’t work out on this episode.  Find out why she hates the post office, and why Pat loves Walmart. And is “pay-by-the-mile” one more way for the government to keep tabs on us?

Ugly Sweater

“Heading to Walmart after my photo shoot…” 



Songs in this episode 

“Stop the Cavalry” (or Calvary, if you ask me) The Cory Band with the Owalia Singers
“Hate” Stiller and Meara
“Please Mr. Postman” The Marvelettes
“Boogie Shoes” KC and the Sunshine Band
“Coming Up” Paul McCartney
“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Roberta Flack
“People of Walmart” Jessica Freche
“You’re My Home” Portlandia, Portland, Oregon
“Which Way Ya Goin’, Billy?” The Poppy Family

Get Your Finger Outta There

Pat is disgusted by a specific fast food commercial. Lisa has a special present for Pat. And Pat’s brother makes a lot of people mad at a raffle. Also, find out why Lisa ordered 2 CASES of pineapple upside down cake mixes.


Nose hair trimmer




Songs in this episode:

“In the Mood” Chicago

“Come Running” Van Morrison
“Turn it Up” Sean Paul
eHarmony woman from You Tube excerpts
“Hair” The Cowsills
“Whistle While You Work” Adrian Caselotti (18 years old at the time) from
   Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”
“Red Solo Cup” Toby Keith
“Proud Mary” Creedence Clearwater Revival


Eat, Drink, and Be Genius

In this episode, Pat and Lisa are really focused on things you put in your pie-hole. Pucker up and drink your pickle juice. And Pat lets it rip with a tongue twister that will make you blush. Pure “genius”.

Pics and stuff:

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Pat and Lisa talk tolls, travel and the TSA. Oh, and the topic of “old farts” comes up at some point as well…..

Pics and stuff

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