Porn Is Where The Cheddar Is

Pat helps Lisa find the ONE Elvis song she likes. Lisa confesses the lame reason why she opted out of seeing the original Star Wars movie. Pat shares his favorite porn movie parody titles. Also, Pat tells a terrifying story involving a hitchhiker in the snow.

the-alfred-hitchcock-hour-the-jar“Ya’ know, we’d make more if this were a porn flick.”



Songs in this episode: 

“Return to Sender”  Elvis
Excerpt from motion picture “It Happened at the World’s Fair” (1963)
“Crying in the Chapel” Elvis
“Love Me Tender” Not Elvis
“Are You Lonesome Tonight” Not Elvis
“”Can’t Help Falling in Love” Elvis
“In the Ghetto” Elvis
“Yesterday Once More” The Shaggs
Theme from “Star Wars” John Williams
Excerpt from motion picture “American Graffiti”
Excerpt from motion picture “THX 1138”
“You LIght Up My Life” Debby Boone
Excerpt from motion picture “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”
“Downtown” Petula Clark
“Meet Me in Seattle at the Fair” Joy and the Boys (1962)
“Lust” Bas Sheva
“If I Had a Hammer” Leonard Nimoy
Excerpt from TV show “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” Episode: “The Jar”
Theme from “Green Acres”
“Phantom 309” Red Sovine

Jesus Has A Honey-Do List

Jesus looks like a monkey, thanks to a well-meaning crappy artist, as he smells like one too. And his wife has had it up to HERE with his dinner parties.  Find out what Pat’s all-time favorite song is (it might surprise you!) and listen as Pat and Lisa argue the merits of real Xmas trees vs artificial ones.

“What are YOU looking at?”

Columbus and The Pig People

Bacon is NOT running out, and “bagel heads” are all the rage in the latest Japan cosmetic surgery. Find out why Christopher Columbus was not all that bright and why Lisa doesn’t need Pat. She really doesn’t.

There’s a bacon shortage because of THIS guy.