You’re In Big Trouble

Lisa wants to know why boys like to bash mailboxes. And she shares why she used to cut up her clothes. Pat shares a family secret – it’s a doozy.


Songs in this episode:

“The Beast” Milt Buckner

“Straight On” Heart
“Deadliest Catch” theme
“Poor Side of Town” Johnny Rivers
“I Gotcha” Joe Tex
“Worst That Could Happen” Brooklyn Bridge
“I”m Sitting on Top of the World” Al Jolson
“Come Runnin'” Van Morrison
“Doctor’s Orders” Carol Douglas


Get Your Finger Outta There

Pat is disgusted by a specific fast food commercial. Lisa has a special present for Pat. And Pat’s brother makes a lot of people mad at a raffle. Also, find out why Lisa ordered 2 CASES of pineapple upside down cake mixes.


Nose hair trimmer




Songs in this episode:

“In the Mood” Chicago

“Come Running” Van Morrison
“Turn it Up” Sean Paul
eHarmony woman from You Tube excerpts
“Hair” The Cowsills
“Whistle While You Work” Adrian Caselotti (18 years old at the time) from
   Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”
“Red Solo Cup” Toby Keith
“Proud Mary” Creedence Clearwater Revival


It’s The Grammar Police

Find out what completely bugs Pat, REALLY bugs him. Pat is only slightly bugged by Matthew McConaughey. And Lisa is annoyed by pretty much everything.  Find out how to smuggle a gun through the airport – it’s easier than you think! And Lisa is really tired of having her boobs touched.

Ah, I see you "dress to the left", sir.

Ah, I see you “dress to the left”, sir.



Songs in this episode:

“Into the Mystic” Johnny Rivers

“Me and Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin
Excerpts from trailer “U-571”
“I’m Moving On” Rascal Flatts
“Please Warm My Wiener” Bo Carter (1935
“Squeeze Box” The Who
“Touch Me” The Doors
“Go Down Gambling” Blood, Sweat and Tears
“Words” The Bee Gees

There’s No Room In The Closet

Pat and Lisa discuss “coming out”, and discover that Pat’s sense of “naughty” has come a long way in 20 years! Also, find out why Pat is the worst babysitter in the world. And Lisa is only comfortable in situations where she can “cut-and-run”. So Pat is going to help her.  Maybe.

Should I stay in, or come out?

Should I stay in, or come out?

Songs in this episode:

“And Away We Go” Jackie Gleason
“Deck the Halls” Spike Jones and the City Slickers
“Night and Day” (Cole Porter) Ella Fitzgerald
“Puttin’ on the Ritz” (Irving Berlin) Taco
“Come Runnin'” Van Morrison
Excerpt from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
“Missing You—the Incandescent Light Bulb song” Remy
“Blinded by the Light” (Bruce Springsteen) Manfred Mann’s Earth Band


Someone’s Surely Gonna Mess With The Robot

Men and women really do differ in their approaches to Christmas shopping – find out what Pat -the- Proscrastinator’s new resolution is this year. And fast shipping from Amazon is about to get faster, but Lisa sees a potential for trouble.

Don't mess with me!

Don’t mess with me!



Songs in this episode:

“Abracabra” Steven Miller Band
“The Impossible Dream” Kate Smith
“Commotion” Credence Clearwater Reunion
“Do You Want To Know a Secret?” The Beatles
“The Jetsons” theme
Roomba jingle from TV commercial
“I Love Lucy” theme
“Reeling in the Years” Steely Dan

Freeze Your Big Horse Ass Off

Seattle’s latest cold snap tests Pat’s handyman skills. Pat gets an ESPN alert during the podcast – and is Lisa going to have a SuperBowl party?  Pat gets a Breaking Bad present, but worries it could be illegal.  Also, are you acting OLD at work?


Songs in this episode

  • "And Away We Go!" with Jackie Gleason
  • "Horse With No Name" America
  • "Wildfire" Michael Murphy
  • "Bow Down to Washington" UW Band
  • "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?" Count Basie and his Orchestra (featuring Taps Miller_
  • "Breaking Bad" theme
  • "Every Breath You Take" The Police
  • "Try to Remember" Jim Nabors
  • "Lady Willpower" Gary Pucket and the Union Gap