Dumb Guys and Old Men

Pat talks about his latest acting gig and his encounter with a racist mayor. Lisa admits she is annoying person,  and, with airline rage at an all-time high, should you recline your seat on an airplane? Also,find out which actress Pat was forced to take a picture with.

 Airline SeatsThanks bitch.



Songs in this episode: 

“Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” Tavares, 1976

“Let’s Have Another Cigarette” Benny Goodman and Orchestra, 1937
“The Stupid Blues” Junior Brown
“What Can’t We Be Friends?” War
“Come Fly With Me” Frank Sinatra
“I’ve Been Everywhere” Hank Snow
Excerpt from the motion picture “The Way West” Sally Field, 1967
“Piggly Wiggly” Johnny Dodd, 1929
Commercial excerpt “Tough Shed”
“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” The Animals
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