The Pat Cashman Classic

Spider season is here. Pat has a golf tourney names after him. And his wife Patty sucks at being a caddy. The Cashman’s go boating with some rich friends. And you have no idea how important concrete is. Lisa gets an odd question at the bank.


“Golf is so relaxing.”



Songs in this episode:

  • ”Spider in my Room” Barenaked Ladies
  • “Trogolodyte” (Caveman) The Jimmy Castor Bunch (1972)
  • “King of the Road” Roger Miller
  • “Tee it Up” Billy Mac
  • “I Talk to the Trees” Danny Williams
  • “You Suck” The Murmurs
  • “Sailing” Christopher Cross
  • “Come Sail Away” Styx
  • Excerpt from “Black Flag” commercial (1981)
  • “Sail Away” David Gray
  • “Jets Song” from “West Side Story”
  • “Kick in the Head” Dean Martin
  • “Cement Mixer” (Pu-ti, Pu-ti) Mel Torme
  • Excerpt from “Grand Coulee Dam” PBS America
  • “Grand Coulee Dam” (written by Woody Guthrie) Lonnie Donegan
  • “Step on a Crack” a Cyanide Happiness short)
  • “Mr. Roboto” Styx
  • “Rocky Mountain High” John Denver
  • “Imagine” John Lennon
  • “A Taste of Honey” The Beatles
  • “Roll on Columbia” Woody Guthrie
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