Don’t Take Your Love Online

Valentine’s Day is all about boner medication and flowers.  Pat and Lisa discuss the future of Lisa’s romantic life, and it ain’t pretty. And, another edition of the “Dirty Joke Challenge” makes an appearance in this episode of Peculiar Podcast!

I feel like a jar of jam.

I feel like a jar of jam.

Songs in this episode:

“Love Hurts” Heart, from the album “The Road Home” album, live at the Backdoor, Ballard.
“Polka Dot Undies” Bowser and Blue
“My Funny Valentine” Frank Sinatra
“Jammin'” Bob Marley
“Ol’ MacDonald” Frank Sinatra
“People” Barbra Streisand
TV theme from “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”
“Whale of a Tale” from the Disney film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” lead vocal: Kirk Douglas
“It’s Rainin’ Men” The Weather Girls

My Cheapskate Valentine

Valentine’s Day is not for lovers, it’s for cheapskates.  What flower arrangement is the most popular? (it ain’t red roses, babies!) Also, listen as Pat ruins one of Lisa’s favorite candy addictions. Find out what happens when you THINK you’ve scored some chick’s digits, and well, you really didn’t.

This is LOVE!

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Love Hurts

Love, beer, love of beer and advice from “The Love Dove”, Ted Crackerwagon. Lisa gets verklempt and Pat admits a past indiscretion.

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