There’s No Room In The Closet

Pat and Lisa discuss “coming out”, and discover that Pat’s sense of “naughty” has come a long way in 20 years! Also, find out why Pat is the worst babysitter in the world. And Lisa is only comfortable in situations where she can “cut-and-run”. So Pat is going to help her.  Maybe.

Should I stay in, or come out?
Should I stay in, or come out?

Songs in this episode:

“And Away We Go” Jackie Gleason
“Deck the Halls” Spike Jones and the City Slickers
“Night and Day” (Cole Porter) Ella Fitzgerald
“Puttin’ on the Ritz” (Irving Berlin) Taco
“Come Runnin'” Van Morrison
Excerpt from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
“Missing You—the Incandescent Light Bulb song” Remy
“Blinded by the Light” (Bruce Springsteen) Manfred Mann’s Earth Band


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