Over Those Hills and Through Them Trees

When it comes to commercials and songs, Thanksgiving is a neglected holiday, so Pat serves up some songs to celebrate it properly.  And listen to the strategy Lisa adopts for properly packing away the turkey dinner.


Turkey Bikini tan

I forgot my sunscreen….

Music in this episode:

  • “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” / from album “Symphonic Rock Classics” BMG
  • “Crappy Thanksgiving Songs” from the crappy album, “Crappy Thanksgiving Songs / by Pat Cashman” Crappy Music, Inc.
  • “Eat It!” / Wierd Al Yankovic
  • “The Four Season-Winter: Largo” / Vivaldi
  • “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” / Iron Butterfly
  • Music stab from “The Adventures of Superman” 1950’s TV series
  • “Black is Black” / Los Bravos
  • “The FBI” TV theme
  • “American Pie” / Don McClean

The 2012 Bummer Olympics

Pat and Lisa talk about how to spice up the most boring Summer Olympic events, the new TSA guidelines for your service animals, and give a big thump on the head to the Boys Scouts of America.