Men Will ALWAYS Be Men

Pat and Lisa look back at the hit songs from the late great Burt Bacharach. And Pat is super sad, as a man, that Raquel Welch has passed away. And what makes a “good kisser”? Best selling poster of all time? The answer may surprise you! The Superbowl Tubi commercial caused a LOAD of problems in some households.

Songs in this episode:

  • Burt Bacharach’s Greatest Hits from YouTube
  • “Wives and Lovers” Jack Jones (1963)
  • “Walk on By” (1964) and other hits) Dionne Warwick
  • “Talk Back Tremblin’ Lips” Johnny Tillotson (1963)
  • Excerpt from the motion picture “Hannie Caulder”
  • “Something in the Air Tonight” Phil Collins
  • “The Girl Next Door” Frank Sinatra (1953)
  • “There Goes My Baby” The Drifters
  • “Save the Last Dance” The Drifters
  • “Under the Boardwalk” The Drifters
  • Tubi Super Bowl ad
  • “Jeopardy Think Music”
  • “Two Six Packs Away” Dave Dudley
  • “Fly Me to the Moon” Michael Buble’
  • “Baby, Scratch my Back” Slim Harpo
  • “The Liberty Bell” John Phillip Sousa; Arr. Jay Bocook
  • “Billie Jean” Michael Jackson
  • “Two Six Packs Away” Convoi
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