So I Had A Martini

Lisa was put in Twitter jail for an entire week. Pat had a dream to someday be a …. trucker. Lisa does not want to live in an apartment building. Ever. Do personality tests really work? And, if a guy wanted to buy a waterbed now, could he?

“No, Lisa, don’t do it!”


Songs in this episode:

  • “Why Can’t We Live Together?” (1972) Timmy Thomas
  • Taylor Hawkins drum solo at Hyde Park, Foo Fighters
  • Clips of John Clayton (YouTube)
  • Excerpt from “The 206” TV Show
  • “Dirty Martini” Joe Jackson
  • Joe Rogan apology, YouTube
  • “Southern Man” Neil Young
  • Excerpt from “Green Acres” TV show
  • “I Hate Everything ABout You”  Three Days Grace
  • “Truck Driving Son-of-a-Gun” Dave Dudley
  • “Two Six Packs Away” Dave Dudley
  • “The End of the World” Skeeter Davis (1962)
  • “Personality” Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers (1945)
  • Clip from the motion picture “Babes in Arms” with Mickey Rooney (1939)
  • “Want You Back” Haim
  • “Slip Away” Clarence Carter
  • “Patches” Clarence Carter
  • “Waterbed” Hearts and Colours
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