Take My Cardboard Out To The Ballgame

Lisa is organizing some weird things during the Covid-19 pandemic. And what are the silver linings of Covid-19 if any? Pat has a strange neurosis that has to do with socks… and a weird thing about his pillow. Pat and his wife Patty are cardboard cutouts at the Mariners baseball games.



Songs in this episode:

  • “Crazy Blues” Mamie Smith (1920)
  • “Together Again” Buck Owens
  • “Slip, Slidin’ Away” Paul Simon
  • “Look at Yourself (in the Mirror)” Will Downing
  • “Both Sides Now” Joni Mitchell
  • “Paint it Black” The Rolling Stones
  • “Drive-in Movies” Ray LaMontagne
  • Excerpt from movie “Hell’s Angels on Wheels” (1967)
  • Excerpt from movie “Boogeyman”
  • “Hang on Sloopy” The McCoys (1966)
  • “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” The Animals (1965)
  • “The Civil War” soundtrack
  • “Wet Socks” Sophie Meiers
  • “You Speak My Language” Morphine
  • Excerpt from “My Pillow” commercial
  • “Der Fuehrer’s Face” Spike Jones
  • “Don’t Get Around Much” Jonathan and Darlene Edwards
  • “Out of My Way” Seether
  • “Lisa, Listen to Me” Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • “I Got You, I Feel Good” James Brown
  • “Quitting Time” Dave Dudley
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