These Is Tough Times Baby

Pat and Lisa talk about working from home – and a reminder that it feels good to laugh, it just does, even if it’s just a little. And Lisa is glad that handshakes are no longer a thing. And what industries are doing well right now during the pandemic? And dogs are showing up everywhere in TV commercials.

Songs in this episode:

“The Great Divide” Eric Taylor Excerpt from “Biography” on William Faulkner”Two Fires” Nanci Griffith with Eric Taylor Excerpt from vintage TV commercial—Joyce Gordon ATT disconnection recording notice—Joyce Gordon”The Girl with the Horned-Rim Glasses” Carol Shelynne (1965)Pie Fight scene from “The Three Stooges” “Shake a Hand” Faye Adams (1953)”Whatever” Jill Scott “Here Come da Judge” Pigmeat Markham (1968)”The Toilet Paper Song” Dennis Gurley”The Puppy Song” Harry Nilsson”Chewy Chewy” The Ohio Express”Here Comes the Sun” The Beatles”Forever in Blue Jeans” Neil Diamond Soundtrack music from the motion picture “Burn!” (1969)”Let the Sunshine in” The Fifth Dimension

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