How Many Podcasters Does It Take To Change a Light Fixture?

Lisa lets a home improvement project get the better of her. Pat shares an story of unpleasantness at the local food truck. And pretty much the same unpleasant story at a concert. Lisa does not think men should wear clacky shoes.


“I’m pretty sure this is going to make me cry.”



Songs in this episode:

“Rhumba Man” Jesse Winchester

“My Stupid Mouth” John Mayer
“Handy Man” James Taylor
“Crying” Roy Orbison
“Chicago Bulls Theme” The Allan Parsons Project
“Truck Drivin’ Son of a Gun” Dave Dudley
“Coming Up” Paul McCartney
“If You Could Read My Mind” Gordon Lightfoot
“Wreck of theEdmund Fitzgerald”  Gordon Lightfoot
:”Beautiful” Gordon Lightfoot
“Stage Fright” The Band
“Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” Paul Simon
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