How Much Is That Doggy In The Roadway?

Pat and Lisa talk about a dearly departed friend. Pat and Patty save a stray dog. Pat catches a co-worker in a place he shouldn’t be. Lisa thinks she has a dumb laugh, and has a friend who has NO laugh.

“Hey buddy… we’ll take care of you!”



Songs in this episode:

“The Magic Bus” The Who

“Freight Train Boogie” Doc Watson
“Date With the Night” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Chip Chip” Gene McDaniels
“The Peanut Vendor” Anita O’Day
“Surfin’ Bird” The Trashmen
“Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln” Sung History
:”Flowers on the Wall” The Statler Brothers
“Deja Vu” Dionne Warwick
“Drunk” Jimmy Liggins (1953)
Excerpt of Rodney Dangerfield on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”
Excerpt from “Caddy Shack”
Excerpt from “The Steve Allen Show” (1950’s)
“The Laughing Policeman” Charles Jolly (Penrose) 1922
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