Stop Dying Already

Pat and Lisa chronicle the list of celebs who have sadly already shuffled off this mortal coil early in 2017. And, should you even bother reading the book if you’ve already seen the movie?


Stan Boreson – you’ll be missed.



Songs in this episode:

“Bonita Applebaum” Tribe Called Quest
“Coldest Days of My Life” The Chi-Lites
“Spider in My Room” Barenaked Ladies
“Hamster Love” Big Daddy
“There’s Dog Hair in Everything I Do” Randi Breese
“Philodendron” Mundo Earwood
Excerpt from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (“Chuckles Bites the Dust”)
Excerpt from “Richard Diamond”
“Old Man” Neil Young
Excerpt from “High Flight” TV station sign-off poem
“Physical” Olivia Newton John
“Chicken Fat” Robert Preston (1961)
“The Squirrel Song” DMB Gamel
“Ben” Michael Jackson
Excerpt from 1950’s “The Jack LaLanne Show”
“Loch Lomond” Peter Hollens
“Dueling Banjos” from the motion picture “Deliverance”
Theme from the motion picture “The Exorcist”
Excerpt from the motion picture “Alien”
Theme from “Masterpiece Theatre”
Excerpt from “I, Claudius” Episode “Queen of Heaven”
“Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” unknown
Excerpt from “KING’s Clubhouse” KING TV
“I Just Don’t Look Good Naked” Stan Boreson
“Lawrence Welk Show” open
“Walking in a Winter Wonderland/Winter Underwear” Stan Boreson on “Lawrence
 Welk Show” 1957.
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