Sweet Baby Jane

Pat is selling his house, and he hates it.  But he’s happy about his new TV show – “Uplate NW”.  Pat and Lisa share sweet memories of a dear friend and a radio collegue, Jane Shannon, who left this earth too soon.  And, Lisa talks about the anxiety of living alone.

Quince Flower

“You’ll be ok buddy, even if your mommy is not”



Songs in this episode:

Theme from “Shaft”—Issac Hayes

Excerpt of Kermit Apio
Excerpt of Ralph Porter
“Hey, Mr. D.J.” Bobby Moore
“DJ Memphis Joe” Dave Dudley
“Everybody’s Talkin'” Harry Nilsson
“Respect” Aretha Franklin
Exerpt from “I Am Fine” company
“Call Me’ Blondie
“He’s So Fine” The Chiffons
“A Change is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke
“Urgent” Foreigner
“Tara’s Theme” from ‘Gone With the Wind”
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