One Joke Over The Line

Pat worries about censoring his tried-and-true-jokes at an upcoming speech that he’s not getting paid for. Also, an emotional discussion about Cecil the Lion. And do you know what creature kills more humans than any other?


not funny


Songs in this episode:

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” from ‘Symphonic Rock Classics’ London Philharmonic Orchestra (BMG)

“Gilligan’s Island” theme
“Popeye” theme
“Thunder and Lightning” Chi Coltrane
“Young at Heart” Jimmy Durante
“Wouldn’t it be Nice” The Beach Boys
Music from “Superman” TV show
“Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” Barry White
“Rocket 88” Jackie Brensten with the Delta Cats and Ike Turner on the piano (1951)
“Tiny Bubbles” Don Ho
“Hello, Dolly!” Louis Armstrong
“Summer Rain” Johnny Rivers
“Swayin’ to the Music” (Slow Dancin’) Johnny Rivers
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