That’s Hard To Swallow

Find out what food Pat can’t seem to swallow. Lisa unveils the lie about baby carrots. And Pat still refuses to take Lisa’s dogs when she dies. Also, brilliant mail marketing that will MAKE you open that envelope.

Where is the mommy and daddy carrot?

Where is your mommy and daddy?


Songs in this episode:

“Rhapsody in Blue” Larry Adler (harmonica) from “The Glory of Gershwin.”

“Baby Love” The Supremes
“You Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around” Leroy Troy
“Can’t Buy Me Love” The Beatles
“The Impossible Dream” Kate Smith
“One of the Boys” Katie Perry
“Sunny” Bobby Hebb

Handyman: Don’t Insult My House

Pat and Lisa talk about her snotty handyman. Pat’s wife has a snotty hairdresser. And details about the “Live 100th Episode Taping” are unveiled in this episode! Also, Pat has ants, but they’re not in his pants.

Don't pick on my house.

Don’t pick on my house.

Songs in this episode:

“Out on the Weekend” Neil Young

“Reeling in the Years” Steely Dan
“Handyman: James Taylor
“The Double Double” Miklos Rozsa
Joan Rivers, exerpt from “The American Comedy Box Set “But Seriously…” 1915-1994
Soundtrack music from Classic Sci-Fi films
“The Ants Go Marching” from the album “Silly Favorites