It’s Tough Being A Loser

Lisa starts a diet…and isn’t doing so well. Pat and Lisa read listener emails. Also, it’s time to revisit the Reign of Terror against “The Man”. Pat and Lisa talk about the NFL kneeling protests.

Songs in this episode:

  • “Up Up and Away” The Fifth Dimension
  • Excerpt from “The Westerner” (1940)
  • “I Think I’ll Sit Here and Drink” George Jones
  • “She’s So Heavy” The Beatles
  • “The Diet Song” Bobby Bare
  • “Give Peace a Chance” John Lennon
  • “Penny Lane” Kenny Rankin
  • “Drinking Wine (Spo-Dee-O-Dee)” 1947 Stick McGhee
  • “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” (1952) Peggy Lee
  • “You Sure Love to Ball” Marvin Gaye
  • Theme from “Mr. Ed”
  • Compilation of Trump saying ‘Yuge’ from You Tube
  • “The Shortest Song in the World” Kenny Price
  • Excerpt from “Maude”
  • Excerpt from “The Golden Girls”
  • “Upside Down” Diana Ross
  • “I Got Fired” Godknott

We Wanna Be Wrong

Pat shares some more of his “profound thoughts” with Lisa. And, as much as they hate to do it, Pat and Lisa talk about the current political climate and how to escape it. And what are you going to run away to and join now that the circus is closing?




Songs in this episode:

“Jungle Boogie” Kool and the Gang
“Dream On” Aerosmith
“Reefer Man” Cab Calloway
Excerpt from trailer “The Lady Killers” 1955
Excerpt from “The Golden Girls”
Vincent Price laughs
“Ring My Bell” Anita Ward
“I’m Your Captain” Grand Funk Railroad
Excerpt from Disney’s “Toby Tyler”
“Captain Kangaroo” theme
Excerpt from “The Banana Man” on “Captain Kangaroo.”