Its An Oscar But Not a Weiner

Jason Valentine joins Pat and Lisa for this year’s Oscar predictions and controversaries.  Find out what Pat brings to the movies. And, “Shooter alert systems” are now a thing. Also, Pat has an idea on how to pack heat with no one ever knowing.


                  “Gold and white, but no black”


Songs in this episode:

“Hooray for Hollywood” John Williams and the Boston Pops
Chewy, Chewy” Ohio Express
“Crackin’ Rosie” Neil Diamond
“Happiness is a Warm Gun” Cassie Willson
“The Pajama Song” from You Tube
“These are the People from Wal-Mart” Jessica Frech (from You Tube)

Cancha Smell That Smell?

Pat finds a dead body, and Lisa is thankful there are people that do the jobs she can’t.  Also, find out what body part Lisa is now shaving and what sound she cannot stand listening to.  And, is Jodi Arias as crazy as  she seems?

What's that smell?

Songs in this episode:

“Everything I Need” Keb Mo
“The Slap” from the Superman TV soundtrack
“Andy Griffith Show” theme
“Dog” Eddie Adcock Band
“The Beard Song” Sophie Madeleine
“I Love Lucy” theme
“Roy Jumps the Gator” Roy Gaines
“Evil Ways” Al De Lory