I Like Pie

Lisa had the Covid anti-body test. And get ready for a NEW Podcast Series featuring the Almost Live cast! Lisa only drinks 3 – no FOUR things. And the one thing Pat WON’T eat. Hang on for the joke of the day…. it’s a doozy.

I want a ding dong pie.


Songs in this episode: 

  • “You’re the Tops” Cole Porter
  • Excerpt from the 1950’s TV show “The Millionaire”
  • Trailer for “Space Force” (Netflix)
  • Trailer for “Downton Abbey”
  • Excerpt from “The 206” TV show (‘Renton Abbey’)
  • “The Confirmation” movie trailer
  • “Man on the Street’ from “Almost Live” (KING TV)
  • “Video Store” from “Almost Live” (KING TV)
  • “Old Man” Neil Young
  • “I Only Have Eyes For You” The Flamingos (1959)
  • “These Eyes” The Guess Who
  • “I Like Pie, I Like Pie” Four Clefs (1941)
  • “Black Coffee” Peggy Lee
  • “Tea for Two” Doris Day
  • “Spill the Wine” War with Eric Burdon
  • “Vodka Martini” Luke
  • “Dandelion” Ruth B.
  • “Hostess Ding Dong” commercial (1971)
  • “Begin the Beguine” (Cole Porter) Ella Fitzgerald

I Want To Hug You and Kiss You

Lisa (surprisingly!) wants to know how sports are being affected by the Coronavirus quarantines. And your house is now your office, your gym, your school and your entertainment. And what are folks limited to buying at the store? Are drive in theaters making a comeback now?



Songs in this episode:

  • “When I Get to Heaven” John Prine
  • “Angel From Montgomery” Bonnie Raitt and John Prine
  • Tom Dempsey’s 63 yard field goal (courtesy NFL films)
  • Al Kaline highlight (courtesy MLB)
  • “I Want to Hug You” John Lee Hooker
  • Excerpt from vintage TV from 1950’s: Clark Kent for Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes
  • “Two Ton Tessie” Tessie O’Shea
  • Excerpts from vintage drive-in movie ads
  • “Old Days” Chicago
  • “A Summer Song” Chad and Jeremy
  • “Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was in)” Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
  • “I Just Called to Say I Love You” Stevie Wonder
  • “Money (That’s What I Want)” Barrett Strong
  • “Burn Me Out” Fozzy
  • “Operator” Jim Croce
  • Think music from “Jeopardy”
  • Excerpt from motion picture “Best in Show” (Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara)
  • Excerpt from TV show “Schitt’s Creek”
  • “I’m Sorry” Brenda Lee
  • “Gimme Me Some Truth” John Lennon
  • “I’m Down” The Beatles
  • “Mercy, Mercy Me (the Ecology Song)” Marvin Gaye
  • “Mother Earth” Eric Burdon and War
  • “Horse With No Name” America