Kale Sucks Again and Again and Again

Pat hits the post right outta the gate. And, you might not recognize his name, but you sure know his drumming. Lisa visits a place she has been wanting to see her whole life. Pat rails against kale. Again. Also, the latest scandals in the news include college cheaters and the latest Michael Jackson documentary.

Tony Curtis at the Hotel Del Coronado



Songs in this episode:

“Color My World” Chicago

Hal Blaine tribute
“Bad Case of Loving You” Robert Palmer
“Let’s Hear it for the Boy” Deneice Williams
Trailer excerpt from the motion picture “Some Like it Hot.”
“Itsy Bitsy Tenny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” Brian Hyland
“Pain” Three Days Grace
“Don’t Fear the Reaper” Blue Oyster Cult
Trailer from “After Life” Netflix
“One Dyin’ and a Buryin'” Roger Miller

Kale – What Is It Good For? (Absolutely Nothin’)

Lisa confesses she quit her diet. Pat tries to help her see the light. Pat lashes out the kale trend. And, are your devices spying on you? Pat shares an article on 15 things you said never eat in a restaurant. Patty jumps in with a rant about people eating on the plane.



Songs in this episode:

“Que Sera, Sera” Doris Day
“This Girl is on Fire” Alicia Keys
“What’s the Use?” Jamie Liddell
“Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee) Tiny Hill and His Orchestra (1952)
“Stop in the Name of Love” The Supremes
“C is for Cookie” Sesame Street
“Please Warm my Weiner” Old Time Hokum Blues (1935)
“Red Red Wine” Neil Diamond
“Underpants Song” Weird Al Yankovic
“Two Fat Polka” Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks
“Blues For a Hoot” Hoyt Axton
Excerpts from “Chunky Candy Bar” commercial (1959)
“Holiday” The Bee Gees
“Drunk” Ace Cannon
“Let’s Go Out to the Lobby” Old movie theme theatre promo
“I Just Called to Say I Love You” Stevie Wonder

Bye Bye Bunny

Lisa owes a lot of money to the Good-To-Go 520 bridge and she is mad as hell.  Pat and Lisa discuss professional eating competition strategies and the art of broadcast teasers.  And, has your celebrity star dimmed if you play the local fair?

And, finally, a sorrowful ending for a baby bunny.  It’s sad.

Are YOU "Good-To-Go"?

Are YOU “Good-To-Go”?



Songs in this episode:

“Mission Impossible” theme from “MI2” Hans Zimmer
Excerpt from “Network” movie with Peter Finch
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” Twisted Sister
“Shaving Cream” Benny Bell [recording is old and not great quality]
“Two Six Packs Away” Dave Dudley
Excerpt from Norelco Christmas TV commercial @1971
“We Are the Champions” Queen
“Eat It” Wierd Al Yankovic
“Yellow River” Christie
Bill Cosby excerpt
“Old MacDonald” Frank Sinatra
“Love Roller Coaster” Ohio Players
“Take it Easy” Eagles