You Are The Wind Beneath My Buttocks

Pat has another birthday and he feels like he’s learned nothing in all this time.  Also, are commercials are getting WAY too personal?  Case in point: pantyliners for your BUTT.  And, Pat and Lisa talk about the sad passing of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

butt liners

“You know where to put this?”


Songs in this episode:

“Birthday” The Beatles from the White Album
“Baby Face” Little Richard
Viagra TV commercials
“Wind Beneath My Wings” Bette Midler
Smokey Bear PSA (@1950’s)
Excerpt from “Suger Frosted Flakes” TV commercial, 1960’s
“Lorena Bobbit” Robin Williams
“Rock Stars” Joan Rivers…


Her Nose Has Left The Building

You can’t beat Mother Nature, and Pat and Lisa serve up some examples of celebrities who have tried.  And what is it about older men marrying younger women? Also, get the lowdown on contranyms – you’ll be a hit at your next party with these!

Give me back my NOSE!!!

Give me back my NOSE!!!

Songs in this episode:

Yes,We Can See Uranus

Pat and Lisa talk about what’s so great about the Seattle Great Wheel, women with NO makeup and men WITH makeup, plus, a few planets in the solar systems get some air time – including Uranus.  And yes, we’re afraid we’ve got yet another edition of The “Dirty Joke Challenge” in this episode.  Enjoy.  Eat it up!

Uranus jokes just never get old, do they!