You’ve Driven Me Around The Bend

Is whistling a lost art? All of us have annoying habits – find out what drives us around the bend.  And, good storytelling is a SKILL. Also, are you ugly enough to win a contest?


ugly man


Songs in this episode:

“I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” ‘Whistling’ Jack Smith

Andy Griffith Show theme

From You Tube: How to Whistle Really Loud

“Um Um Um Um Um Um” Major Lance (1964)

“Right” David Bowie

“Sounds of Silence” Simon and Garfunkel

“Everybody’s Talkin'” Harry Nilsson

Retro Anacin TV commercial

Excerpt from “The Honeymooners” episode: “Mom the Blabbermouth”

Flip Wilson “Ugly Baby”

“You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” Bobby Darin

Boobs and Blood

Pat and Lisa talk about the hottest, most gripping TV shows, and the old variety shows they miss.  Also listen as Pat attempts to describe how Michael Douglas got throat cancer. And what age is too old to wear revealing clothing?


Careful where you kiss me, Michael!

Careful where you kiss me, Michael!