I Got Nothin’

Lisa is taking a break from the news. Pat and Lisa decide to do each other’s eulogies early. Pat pays tribute to his friend Alan White. And, “The Pig” makes another appearance.  And Lisa is trying not to lose her sh*t over little setbacks. Songs in this episode: “Nothing from …

Get Your Affairs In Order

We’re all gonna die; is it better to know exactly when? Pat is already working on Lisa’s eulogy. Lisa is on a new medication that is really interfering with her life. Do you know what duvetyne is?       Songs in this episode: “Do Wop Medley” The Persuasions (1971) “Last …

The Day Daisy Farted

Frank talk about funerals and cell phone etiquette.  Which leads naturally, to Girl Scout cookies. Pics and stuff: www.BlowMeUpTom.com Define: cogitating Define: horripilate

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