Proud To Be A Nasty Vindictive Drunk

Pat and Lisa talk about the worlds’s oldest people. And the passing of Barbara Bush. Lisa is done with submarines (for now). Pat shares a story about the worst hotel guest in the world. And, how many secrets do you have???


Songs In This Episode:

“Can’t Buy Me Love” The Beatles
“Catch Us If You Can” The Dave Clark Five
“I Hold Your Hand in Mine” Tom Lehrer
“Put Your Head on my Shouldert” Paul Anka (1959)
“Tornado” Little Big Man
“English Tea” Paul McCartney
“This Hotel Room” Jimmy Buffet
Clip from “Sleeper”
Clip from “Take the Money and Run”
Clip from “Bananas”
“Die Valkyrie” Richard Wagner
“Mother Nature’s Son” Paul McCartney
“Black Crow” Joni Mitchell
“The Coffee Song” Sam Cooke
“The Avocado Song” Alton Eugene
“She Loves My Tattoos” Sober Feat: Baeza
“Secret Agent Man” Johnny Rivers
“Do You Want to Know a Secret?” The Beatles

Go Ahead and Get Your Jollies

Find out what Pat is NOT allowed to put his big fat stupid greasy head on, and what Lisa keeps under her  pillow every night. Also, Pat and Lisa talk about the anniversary of the first Playboy magazine in 1953, and the new trend of “balloon roadkill” pictures.

1953 Playboy Marilyn Monroe

Howdy Hugh!



Songs in this episode: