You’re In Big Trouble

Lisa wants to know why boys like to bash mailboxes. And she shares why she used to cut up her clothes. Pat shares a family secret – it’s a doozy.


Songs in this episode:

“The Beast” Milt Buckner

“Straight On” Heart
“Deadliest Catch” theme
“Poor Side of Town” Johnny Rivers
“I Gotcha” Joe Tex
“Worst That Could Happen” Brooklyn Bridge
“I”m Sitting on Top of the World” Al Jolson
“Come Runnin'” Van Morrison
“Doctor’s Orders” Carol Douglas


The Snakes Are Comin’

Is the “summer blockbuster” a thing of the past? Pat and Lisa talk about legalized pot and find out how Lisa got in trouble for saying the word “bong”. Also, Pat warns Lisa that “the snakes are comin’!”

Aaagghh!  SNAKE!

Aaagghh! SNAKE!



Songs in this episode:

“Express” B.T. Express

“Jurassic Park” theme
“Alien” theme
“Jaws” theme
Trailer excerpt from “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”
“(I Don’t Wanna Go) Uptown” William Topley from “Grass” movie soundtrack
Excerpt from “Saturday Night Live”
“Blueberry Hill” Fats Domino
“High Hopes” Frank Sinatra

We Like To Drink, Rock and Frick

Pat and Lisa talk about gifts that disappoint, movies that don’t, Lisa’s engagement and Pat’s obsession with old cartoon character.

Pat’s Born to Drink, Rock and Frick. Great.