Open Carry Cell Phone

A tribute to the late Valerie Harper. And guess what? Yep – more mass shootings. Pat had a scary kayaking accident. Did you do the “Face App Challenge”? And Pat tries camping… again.


“Yep. Open carry cell phone.”



Songs in this episode:

Excerpt from “Rhoda” TV show
Theme from  “Rhoda”
Excerpt from comedy album “When You’re In Love the Whole World is Jewish” Valerie Harper and Nancy Walker
Excerpt from “Still Game” Netflix
“Ohio” Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
“Gonna Get Me a Gun” Cat Stevens
“If We Keep Doing Nothing” Kris Allen
“Take Me to the River” Al Green
“Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)” The Bee Gees
“Little Mistake” Mr. Big
Cyclone sequence from “The Wizard of Oz”
“A Camping We Will Go” The Kiboomers
“Limbo Rock” Chubby Checker
“Midnight Confessions” The Grassroots


Superman’s Mommy

What do you do when Superman loses his mommy? Call the police? And, Pat decides to go camping once again. And realizes once again, that he hates it. And Lisa mourns the loss of one of her favorite stars from the Sound of Music.


“Hey.. have you seen my mom?”

Songs in this episode:

“The Heat is On” Don Henley
“Mexico” James Taylor
“Moonlight in Vermont” Frank Sinatra
Theme from ’50’s “The Adventures of Superman”
Excerpt from “Bugs Bunny”
“I’m Sorry” Brenda Lee
“The Stupid Blues” Junior Brown
“I Guess I Showed Her” Robert Cray
“Summer Wind” Michael Buble
“Lies” The Knickerbockers
“Hallelujah” Tim Buckley
“Sixteen Going on Seventeen” Charmian Carr
Excerpt from “It’s a Wonderful Life”
“76 Trombones” Robert Preston
“Goodnight My Someone” Shirley Jones
“Till There Was You” Shirley Jones
“Till There Was You” The Beatles
“Ya Got Trouble” Robert Preston
“The Hills Are Alive” Julie Andrews

Nature Always Wins

Pat and Lisa dive into the gay Boy Scout’s pool; Pat shares a sad story about a porcupine.  And Lisa is worried she has scarred a young boy for life.  Also, are we taking environmental awareness a wee bit too seriously?


I MIGHT be gay!

I MIGHT be gay!