Baby Makers And Money Makers

Find out how public nudity can be dangerous to your health.  And hey kids – you can print your own guns at home!! Also, if you drink the kool-aid, does that make you a racist?   Songs in this episode: “Song of the Volga Boatmen” / I. Tuhmanov “Leaving on …

The 2012 Bummer Olympics

Pat and Lisa talk about how to spice up the most boring Summer Olympic events, the new TSA guidelines for your service animals, and give a big thump on the head to the Boys Scouts of America.

The Humdinger Games

Pat and Lisa flex their muscles and their mouths, mess with the Hunger Games, fill up on butterhorns, get rid of unwanted hair, and  they don’t even break a sweat doin’ it. Pics and stuff: Google image search Define: prerecorded Hunger Games Mockingjay Shatner Rules Catching Fire Lord of the Flies …

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