Someone’s Got It Worse Than You

Pat pulls up stakes and makes the trek to Oregon. But, bad news is waiting for him. Lisa gets a home security system, but should she get a shotgun too?

Peculiar Podcast



Songs in this episode:

“Back in the Saddle” Gene Autry
“Take Me to the River” Al Green
“Smile” Tony Bennett
“Put Your Head on my Shoulder” The Lettermen
“Looking Out My Backdoor” Creedence Clearwater Revivial
“Fly Like an Eagle” Steve Miller Band
“Happiness is a Warm Gun” accapella version found on You Tube

Baby Makers And Money Makers

Find out how public nudity can be dangerous to your health.  And hey kids – you can print your own guns at home!! Also, if you drink the kool-aid, does that make you a racist?

Yay!  It's our lucky day!

Yay! It’s our lucky day!


Songs in this episode:


A Misplaced Sense of Entitlement

Raw, uncut, with no commercials. Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster, along with Chris Cashman tackle the very serious subject of parental entitlement attitudes in a society they and their children share with others.  You won’t believe what you hear.

Don’t EVER “shush” my child!