Podcast help

There are several ways to listen to the Peculiar Podcast. First, go to the Peculiar Podcast archive

  1. You can click the “Play” button on the built-in audio player, and the episode will start playing right there on the web page. BUT REMEMBER – if you click on anything else while the audio is playing, the podcast will stop and you’ll have to start it again.
    Play button
  2. RIGHT-click on the “Download” link and Choose “Save link as” or “Save target as” and save the file to your desktop.
  3. Click the “Play in new window” link, and the audio will open in a new webpage and start playing. Keep in mind, each web browser may handle the file differently, but the audio will eventually play (it might download it first.)
    Play in new window
  4. Subscribe using any device by clicking the orange “RSS” RSS button and choosing your favorite program or application.
  5. You can also subscribe to the podcast AND listen to it using iTunes.
    1. Open your iTunes application,
    2. Click “iTunes Store” in the left navigation,
      iTunes Store
    3. Then click the “Podcasts” link from the top navigation,
    4. In the “Search Store” text field, type “Peculiar Podcast” and hit enter.
      Search Store
    5. Click the “Subscribe Free” button next to the Peculiar Podcast item, and iTunes will automatically download the most recent episode.
      Subscribe Free

If this isn’t enough help, contact your local 12-year-old.

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