The 12 Hour Sh*t Show

Pat has had it with people who speak with that annoying “upspeak”. Pat’s oldest son gets married. Lisa cries in the dentist chair. Pat never unpacks when he gets to the hotel room. Pat and Lisa thank the PecPod listeners for their nice contributions.

“This is FUN!”

Songs in this episode:

  • “Ida Lupino” Carla Bley
  • “Shout” The Isley Brothers (1959)
  • Theme from “Three’s Company”
  • Clip from “Three’s Company”
  • Clip from “Thighmaster” commercial
  • Clip from “The Adventures of Superman”
  • Theme from “The Adventures of Superman”
  • Clip from the motion picture “Carrie” (1976)
  • Clip from the motion picture “The Hustler” (1961)
  • Them from “Lost in Space” (TV show)
  • Clips from “Lost in Space”
  • Clip from TV commercial “Jacuzzi Bath Remodel” (2023)
  • “Tip-Toe Through the Tulips” Tiny time (1968)
  • “Yardbird Suite” Charlie Parker (1945)
  • Clip of Satchel Paige from the 1948 World Series (Mel Allen announcer)
  • “It’s a Gas” from Mad Magazine (1963) credited to Alfred E. Neuman
  • “You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket” The White Stripes (2003)
  • “A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You” The Buffalo Bills (1959)
  • “Behr Paint” TV commercial (2023)
  • “Tuff Shed” TV commercial (2001)
  • “Ross Dress for Less” TV commercial (1996)
  • “Patches” Clarence Carter (1971)
  • “The Spam Song” Monty Python
  • Clip from “Jimmy Swaggart” TV show
  • “Jelly Beans” Eddie Cochran (1959)
  • “Candy Corn” Artist unknown (You Tube)
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