Love To But My Groin Went Out

Pat and Lisa talk about “man colds”. Pat has gone his whole life without being summoned for jury duty… until now. And now he needs an excuse to get out of it.

Songs in this episode:

  • “Because of You” Tony Bennett
  • “The Good Life” Tony Bennett
  • “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” Tony Bennett
  • “Smile” Tony Bennett
  • “Je T’aime” Jane Birken; Serge Gainsbourg
  • “La Campanella’]” Andre Watta
  • “Take it to the Limit” The Eagles—Randy Meissner (1977)
  • “Nothing Compares to You” Sinead O’Connor (1990)
  • “Bullet Train to Vegas” Rick Froberg
  • Excerpts of Dick Biondi (YouTube)
  • Excerpt of Bob Beamon (YouTube)
  • “The Man Cold” Ranj Singh
  • Excerpt fo long disclaimer (YouTube)
  • “Hard” Tim Robinson
  • “Man Cold” Artimus Wolz (from the album “Chaos”
  • “Cold Commercial” fro Saturday Night Live
  • “Mr. Sandman” The Chordettes (1954)
  • “Itch and Scratch” Rufus Thomas
  • “Stop Spitting” A-Kal
  • Theme from TV show “Perry Mason”
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