Got Your NFT Right Here Baby

Pat & Lisa have a major announcement to pitch some new podcast merch. Please buy it. Do you know what the first Chia pet was?

Songs in this episode:

  • “It’s a Beautiful Morning” The Rascals (1968)
  • “Good Lovin” The Rascals (1967)
  • “People Gotta be Free” The (Young) Rascals (1967)
  • “Donald Trump’s Major Announcement” (You Tube)
  • TV ad for “Arrid Deodorant” with Tina Louise. 1970’s
  • TV ad for “The Clapper” (You Tube)
  • TV ad for “The Creosote Sweeper” You Tube
  • “Frosty the Snowman” Willie Nelson
  • Bea Arthur excerpt from “The Golden Girls”
  • “The Joy of Painting” Pat Cashman from “Almost Live!” courtesy KING TV, Seattle
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