I Don’t Have The Lips For It

Pat never wanted to play the piano. Lisa always wanted to play the drums. You can be a hefty ballerina if you like. Top movies (and Oscar picks) are discussed. Lisa hurts her thing, and much more.

“I feel pretty.”

Songs in this episode:

  • Ralph Peterson, Jr. drum solo with Charles Lloyd (1993)
  • “Owner of a Broken Heart” Yes (1983)
  • “Imagine” John Lennon
  • “Marie Laveau” Bobby Bare
  • Blind Tom Wiggins (various)
  • Excerpt from Disney film “Fantasia”
  • Excerpt from trailer “Dick Johnson is Dead”
  • Excerpt from trailer “Mank” (Netflix)
  • Excerpt from trailer “Trial of the Chicago Seven”
  • Excerpt from “Borat Movie” (hotel room)
  • “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” theme
  • Excerpt from Dolly Parton interview  “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”
  • Bill Haley and the Comets
  • “Sweet Thing” Van Morrison
  • “Sweet Thing” The Scratch (Van Morrison cover)
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