I Seriously Have To Go

Pat has some good ideas for Lisa’s next webinar. And, Lisa is fascinated with a high-tech mattress. Pat and Lisa talk about an exciting new medical breakthrough. And, yep, more poop discussion. Yep.


“I’m pretty important!”


Songs in this episode:

“Sabre Dance”

Excerpt from “Xaralto” commercial

Excerpt from “The Tonight Show” (Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson)

“Never Been to Spain” Three Dog Night

“Me and Mrs.Jones” Bill Paul

“Pick Yer Nose” Ani DeFranco

“Freedom” Richie Havens

“I Like Beer” Tom T. Hall

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

“Les Cyclopes” Harpsichord solo found on Youy Tube

“Hey, Hey Train” Johnny Cash

“These Eyes” The Guess Who

“Liar Liar” The Castaways

Excerpt from “Louie”, episode #502

“Louie Louie” The Kingsmen

“Waterfalls” TLC

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