No More Boobies

Pat and Lisa are guessing that, once again, this podcast is not “The Best”.  And people are playing with the toys in Costo in a way that they should not be played with.  Pat and Lisa talk about the first time they ever saw a Playboy Magazine. Also Lisa buys a Squatty Potty.

Costco Toys

Bad ponies…

Songs in this episode:

“Zoot Suit Riot” Chill Pill Dancers
“You Are So Beautiful” Joe Cocker
“Intuition” John Lennon
“Sore Loser” Bob and Ray
“I Believe in Happy Endings” Neil Diamond
Excerpt from “Wunda Wunda” TV show courtesy KING TV
“You’re Welcome” The Undertones
“Bye, Bye, Bye” N’ Sync
“Stuck on You” Elvis Presley
“My Marilyn” Ray Anthony (1952)
“The End of the Innocence” Don Henley
“Let Your Love Flow” The Bellamy Brothers
Excerpted “”Squatty Potty” informercial from You Tube
“Walk Right In…Sit Right Down” Wanda Jackson
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