Try Not To Gush

Do you mark someone’s death anniversary in some way? The Oscars ceremony was delayed this year; Pat and Lisa wonder are awards shows even worth watching any more? Pat shares a story of an unmasked woman who lashes out in the Post Office. Let’s play the “What I SHOULD have …

Holiday Cheer at Walmart

Pat and Lisa wish you a Merry Christmas! Lisa wanted to do a “nice” Christmas show, but it just didn’t work out on this episode.  Find out why she hates the post office, and why Pat loves Walmart. And is “pay-by-the-mile” one more way for the government to keep tabs …

Go Lick Your Own Stamp

This episode is NICE.  Really. In fact it’s GREAT. Pat and Lisa discuss being too lazy to own a house. Lisa gets a botox treatment during the show to get rid of her “I Hate You Line”. And “Hit-By-A-Car-Bob” joins the show with his movie review.  

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