It’s That Time of Year

Instead of holiday decorating, Lisa is compelled to organize her house. Be careful – this is perfect time of year for fraud. Pat and Lisa talk about the “Peloton Wife” ad controversy.

Where’d I leave my keys?!?

Songs in this episode:

“Downtown” Petula Clark (1965) “Downtown” Mrs. Miller (1966) “Clean Up Woman” Betty Wright (1971) “Hooked on Junk” K.D. Lang “Time to Move On” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Thank You (Fallenttinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” Sly and the Family Stone “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window” Patti Page Excerpt “Peloton Bike” commercial (2019) “The Gift That Gives Back “Excerpt “Aviation Gin” commercial 92019) “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” Excerpt “Domino’s Pizza” commercial “That’s Amore” Dean Martin SFX World’s Noisiest Bird (from You Tube) The White Bellbird “Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” Barry White

The 4th of July In Your Eye

Time to blow off your fingers!  Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster whip out their sparklers and weiners to celebrate their independence. Also, listen to the worst website names on the interweb, and find out if munchkin suicides are real.