Boys Have Cooties

Lisa’s studio is a pigsty, and she doesn’t care.  Pat’s wants to get dentures. And Lisa has rats, but Pat thinks the rat has a bad rep. Also, Pat shuts up Lisa’s dogs… and it works. Pat and Lisa remember Bill Cosby when he was a nice guy.

boys have cooties

“But, I’ll kiss you anyway….”



Songs in this episode:

“Oven is On” James Montgomery Band
“Mule Train” Frankie Laine
“As Time Goes By” Jimmy Durante
“Barney Google” Ernest Hare and Billy Jones (1923)
“Ben” Michael Jackson
“Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater” Jimmy Dodd and friends
“Second Piano Concerto” (The Dentist) Mike Nichols and Elaine May

Bye Bye Bunny

Lisa owes a lot of money to the Good-To-Go 520 bridge and she is mad as hell.  Pat and Lisa discuss professional eating competition strategies and the art of broadcast teasers.  And, has your celebrity star dimmed if you play the local fair?

And, finally, a sorrowful ending for a baby bunny.  It’s sad.

Are YOU "Good-To-Go"?

Are YOU “Good-To-Go”?



Songs in this episode:

“Mission Impossible” theme from “MI2” Hans Zimmer
Excerpt from “Network” movie with Peter Finch
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” Twisted Sister
“Shaving Cream” Benny Bell [recording is old and not great quality]
“Two Six Packs Away” Dave Dudley
Excerpt from Norelco Christmas TV commercial @1971
“We Are the Champions” Queen
“Eat It” Wierd Al Yankovic
“Yellow River” Christie
Bill Cosby excerpt
“Old MacDonald” Frank Sinatra
“Love Roller Coaster” Ohio Players
“Take it Easy” Eagles