Be Clean and Sanitary!

Pat and Lisa talk about the podcast possibly being named the BEST. Not that they care about that. *Note – Lisa says voting ends Oct 19, but it really ends Oct 24th!) Also, what is the MOST sanitary way to use a toilet? And no more Saturday cartoons??!!

Be Clean






Songs in this episode:

“Did You Get Healed?” Van Morrison

“Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter” Nat King Cole
“Yogi Bear” theme
“H.R. Pufnstuff” theme
“George of the Jungle” theme
“Rin Tin Tin” theme
“The Long Ranger” theme
“Land of the Lost” theme
“Johnny Quest” theme
“Captain Kangaroo” theme
Don LeFontaine excerpts
Disney trailer “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
“Thank You” Sly and the Family Stone


Get Your Finger Outta There

Pat is disgusted by a specific fast food commercial. Lisa has a special present for Pat. And Pat’s brother makes a lot of people mad at a raffle. Also, find out why Lisa ordered 2 CASES of pineapple upside down cake mixes.


Nose hair trimmer




Songs in this episode:

“In the Mood” Chicago

“Come Running” Van Morrison
“Turn it Up” Sean Paul
eHarmony woman from You Tube excerpts
“Hair” The Cowsills
“Whistle While You Work” Adrian Caselotti (18 years old at the time) from
   Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”
“Red Solo Cup” Toby Keith
“Proud Mary” Creedence Clearwater Revival


Someone’s Surely Gonna Mess With The Robot

Men and women really do differ in their approaches to Christmas shopping – find out what Pat -the- Proscrastinator’s new resolution is this year. And fast shipping from Amazon is about to get faster, but Lisa sees a potential for trouble.

Don't mess with me!

Don’t mess with me!



Songs in this episode:

“Abracabra” Steven Miller Band
“The Impossible Dream” Kate Smith
“Commotion” Credence Clearwater Reunion
“Do You Want To Know a Secret?” The Beatles
“The Jetsons” theme
Roomba jingle from TV commercial
“I Love Lucy” theme
“Reeling in the Years” Steely Dan

Shut Your Honker Up

Pat and Lisa have had it up to HERE with Seattle traffic  (Seattle ranks 8th worst in the nation!) so Pat is moving to the woods. And, find out what annoys Pat and Lisa about funerals.  Also, time to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Pat gives Lisa another religion training session!






Songs in this episode:

Edie Gorme “Amor”

Johnny Rivers “Poor Side of Town”
Ohio Players “Love Roller Coaster”
Doobie Brothers “Jesus is just Alright”
Dusty Springield “Son of a Preacher Man”
Ray Stevens “Everyone is Beautiful”
Jimmy Durante “Young at Heart”